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Frequently asked Questions

Are your kittens healthy?

Yes. All my kittens have been vet checked, but still be sure to have your vet check your kitten out so that you know it's healthy.

Will my kitten be washed before I pick it up?

Yes, your kitten will have a bath two days before you pick it up.

Will my kitten have any problems adjusting to its new home?

It should not, but try not to do too many stressful things at one time. Also, do not change its food or you will end up with digestive problems.

How often should my kitten be groomed?

It should be combed about once every couple days, and bathed every two months. It should also have the hair on its belly and rear trimmed every two months, and its nails trimmed every two weeks.

How do I give my kitten a bath?

You first clip the kitten's claws and comb out its hair, and then put it in a sink with a faucet that has a sprayer on it. Hold its two front legs or the scruff of the neck and they sometimes go limp. Wet the kitten down with warm water and then squirt Dawn soap all down its back and under its neck for the underneath part. I wear an old knitted glove to scrub the kitten. Scrub it and then rinse it with the sprayer. Run water over its head very quickly to get soap out of its eyes a couple times because you have to wash there too. The second time I wash the kitten with Whisker City shampoo for kittens and then rinse it thoroughly. Squeeze the legs and tail out before you use a towel. When you are finished, be sure to have the towel all spread out to wrap around the kitten tightly, and carry it around for a few min to absorb the water. Sit it down in a chair and have a hair dryer on low, laying on a desk or something, pointed toward it. Pick it up and dry it all over with the towel on your lap as much as possible, then start combing out its hair with the hair dryer still blowing on it. When finished, wipe the kitten's eyes with saline solution on a makeup pad, then clean its ears with Q-tips and wipe the ears again with the makeup pad and solution. Just be sure to keep kitten warm. Lastly, I sprinkle a little powder on the kitten. Hope this helps!

What vaccines should be given, and when?

Your kitten will be getting one or two FVRP vaccines from me, but you will need to give it another FVRP vaccine if you pick it up before they are 12 weeks old. Vaccinations should be two to four weeks apart. After that, it won't need another vaccination until it's a year old and only an FVRP. No Leukemia or Rabies vaccine should be given since they will only be an inside cat; those vaccines can make them very ill.

What are some things you would recommend I buy to ensure my kitten has everything it needs to stay healthy and happy?

The following is a list of the items that I use and recommend:
  • Cat carrier (This keeps it safe while allowing it to see its surroundings.)
  • Royal Canin kitten food (I give you a sample with your kitten.)
  • Hairball formula (Use two times a week after your kitten is seven months old. This can be purchased from Amazon.)
  • Tall food dispenser that allows the food to gradually come out
  • Wide tooth steel comb (1/8th inch gap) with handle (Not a brush.)
  • Saline solution for wiping their eyes (This can be purchased at Walmart.)
  • Makeup pads to wipe their eyes
  • Eye Envy powder for cats whose eyes run
  • Cat nail trimmer
  • Faucet mounted water filter
  • Metal or glass bowls for water (not plastic)
  • Towel or placemat for under water bowl
  • Jumbo lint roller
  • Dawn soap for bathing
  • Litter-Robot litter box (These will save you a lot of time and money. If you decide to purchase one, please do so by clicking the banner on my website, as I will get credit for the sale.)
  • 8 or 9 gallon plastic bags for inside litter box (This can be purchased at Target or Big Lots)
  • Scoop Away cat litter
  • Scratching post or kitty condo for clawing
  • Soft round washable pet bed
  • Soft toy mice that they can carry around (These can be purchased at Big Lots or the 99 Cents Only store.)
  • Small plastic toys they can get ahold of
  • Small stuffed animal for when they get too rough with your hand
  • Baskets and boxes to play in