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Kittytales Contract

This is to certify that on this date: _____________________ I, Darlene A. Smith sold Cat or Kitten.
Breed: ___________________ Sex: ______ Age: _______ Color: _________________
Birth Date: __________________________
Purchase Price: $__________ Deposit Paid: $__________ Balance: $__________.
Buyer: Seller: Darlene A. Smith
Address: Address:
City & Zip: City & Zip: Murrieta, CA 92562
Phone: Phone: (951) 816-0972
Email: Website:
Conditions of Sale
To the best of my knowledge, the above described cat or kitten is in good health, and there are no congenital defects. For buyer's best interest, I recommend the above cat or kitten to be taken to a veterinarian within 7 days of purchase and if veterinarian finds above cat or kitten to be in poor health, the same veterinarian must then submit a report stating the problem. Buyer must then return said kitten, statement, and contract of sale within 10 days of purchase for a full refund, minus deposit if kitten was held. After 10 days all sales are final. Should congenital defects be found and stated in a report from the veterinarian that would result in poor health or shortened life expectancy, seller shall provide another kitten of equalf value. Seller however, will not be responsible for vet bills.

Vaccinations: __________ __________ received ___ 3-in-1 FVRP's. After this, one 3-in-1 vaccination is due at 13 weeks, and then only required once a year to prevent illnesses. Chlamydia, Leukemia, FIV and FIP or Rabies vaccinations are not recommended and any problems resulting from these will not be covered by this contract.

Deworming: __________ __________ received two.

Diet: Royal Canin kitten food, should be eating all dry by 6 months. For kittens, you can soften dry with a little water. If milk is desired, use Lactaid milk Only! Changing to different foods or milk could cause stomach upsets. Use bottled water or buy a Pur Altimar from Target for filtered water to prevent kidney problems.

Kittens should be brushed every couple days to eliminate hair matting. I use "Sensitive Eyes" Saline Solution from the pharmacy department at Walmart to wipe eyes once a day and use powder for tear stains from I use "Scoop Away" kitty litter with my Litter-Robot sandbox from to save me loads of time and money. Kittens should be spayed before the age of 6 months unless you have paid $500 for breeding purposes.

Problems stemming from declawing, change in diet, allergies and litter training are not covered in the health guarantee. Seller makes no guaranty as to the show quality of the kitten. Buyer promises to give the kitten a good home and keep it indoors. Confining the kitten to one room or area of the house until they feel secure in their new environment is best.

I _______________________ give permission to post my picture on their website.
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Purchaser: _____________________________ Seller: ________________________________